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Transforming Lives By Delivering High Quality Accessible Homes

In Great Locations To Young Disabled Australians.


Our Mission Is To Build 200 Homes, To Help 500 Young Disabled Australians Escape Their Current Housing Dilemma By The End Of 2020, While Generating High Yielding Investments And Making Our Investors Proud To Be Associated With A Great Cause.

The Pre – Election Pledge from the then Minister Fletcher

At the Build the SDA Conference in March of this year it was great to hear the then Minister Fletcher pledge

“To those with disability aged 45 and under who are living in residential aged care today and wish to get out – I say that we will commit to get that done by the end of 2022,” Mr Fletcher said in his keynote address to delegates.

“Our commitment is that if you wish to leave, you will have alternative, age-appropriate housing and supports by 2022 at the latest.”

There was also the announcement that by 2025 this would extend to those 46-65.

Qld. Real Estate Licence number: 4309200

Operating Under NDIS Registered Provider 

No: 4-EFHYRMV  NDISP.com.au

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