SDA property investment, 10-12% projected Yields
With the power to change lives!

invest In an Undersupplied Property Market
with projected Yields of 10-12% pa. 

Australian Government Backed
with $700 Million Per Year Funded For 20 Years

Create Cashflow Positive Property!

There are thousands of disabled, young Australians looking for homes right now.... unfortunately the housing market is currently unable to meet their needs. This issue is so dire that the Australian Government has pledged to help these people to live with the dignity they deserve. They have pledged $700Mill dollars per year to solve this problem and fund all Eligible Disabled Australians with dignified housing options. The government have announced that all eligible SDA participants under 45 years old living in Aged Care will be re-housed within 3 years.

This is where you come in.

It is up to the private sector to create accessible housing for these people, and get paid handsomely for doing so. Right now, if you invest in this opportunity to help your fellow Australians live with dignity, your investment can return a projected 10 - 12% annually on your investment through the generous rent allowances provided by our government through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

We are now building the future of accessible housing in Australia.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to support those who need us most. Take a look at our fact sheet and see how your investment can make a huge difference in someones life and gain returns on your investment for years to come.

Will You be part of this Great Australian Story? 

Invest In An Undersupplied Property Market With Projected Yields Of  10-12% Pa. 

Australian Government Backed
with $700 Million Per Year Funded For 20 Years

Create Cashflow Positive Property!

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The Pre – Election Pledge from the then Minister Fletcher

At the Build the SDA Conference in March of this year it was great to hear the then Minister Fletcher pledge

“To those with disability aged 45 and under who are living in residential aged care today and wish to get out – I say that we will commit to get that done by the end of 2022,” Mr Fletcher said in his keynote address to delegates.

“Our commitment is that if you wish to leave, you will have alternative, age-appropriate housing and supports by 2022 at the latest.”

There was also the announcement that by 2025 this would extend to those 46-65.

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